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Typical Professional Simulation Course Outline

Lesson 1: Frequency Analysis of Parts
Modal Analysis Basics
Frequency Analysis With Supports
Frequency Analysis Without Supports
Frequency Analysis with Load

Lesson 2: Frequency Analysis of Assemblies
All Bonded Contact Conditions
Bonded and Free Contact Conditions

Lesson 3: Buckling Analysis

Lesson 4: Thermal Analysis
Thermal Analysis Basics
Steady-State Thermal Analysis
Transient Thermal Analysis
Transient Analysis with Time Varying Load
Transient Thermal Analysis using a Thermostat

Lesson 5: Thermal Analysis with Radiation
Steady State Analysis
Full Radiation Conditions

Lesson 6: Advanced Thermal Stress Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Thermal Stress Analysis

Lesson 7: Fatigue Analysis
Stress-life (S-N) Based Fatigue

Lesson 9: Drop Test Analysis
Rigid Floor Drop Test
Elastic Floor Drop Test
Elasto-Plastic Material Model

Lesson 10: Optimization Analysis

Lesson 11: Pressure Vessel Analysis using ASME Code
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